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Board meeting in FICT


According to President Per Jørgensen, 2017 has already been a very eventful year for FICT (Federation Nationale des Cadres des Transports), as a new website - "" - has been implemented. In its effort to strengthen its organization, FICT has obtained a more modern and outgoing contact network and at the same FICT has obtained a stronger platform through DFE-CGC.

FICT continue its participation through CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) in the project committee "Cabin Air Quality on Civil Aircraft - Chemical Agents", assessing and contributing, among other things, to technical solutions to improve the air climate on board commercially driven passenger aircrafts. By continuous work on increasing health and safety on board the planes and by contributing to drawing up explicit rules for the employees in the aviation business, FICT work to create the basis for companies' activities and investments, and consequently creating continuous growth.
Moreover, FICT has just hosted a European conference at the Danish Parliament regarding the most recent mega trends within the transportation industry in order to examine these trends' influence on our society and especially the labour market. The conference was well-attended by politicians from Denmark and abroad as well as by leading representatives from the industry and the organizations. The purpose of the conference was to illustrate the possible future within the transportation industry, and consequently to increase the recognition of the possibilities to create jobs and with that growth in the EU (within shipping, aviation, railway and roads) especially with focus on the maritime, including digitalization and automation.
During the board meeting, Per Jørgensen noted that FICT faces the future with a strengthened organization, ready to take on more projects and consequently strengthening the European leaders within the transportation industry. 





December 2017

Erhvervsudvikling pĂĄ Fyn

Sig Varmeværk sænker varmeprisen med varmepumpe

Danmark har verdens bedste energisystem

ME-GI og ME-LGI dual-fuel-motorer nĂĄr 100.000 driftstimer

Stort potentiale i energioptimering af skibe og bygninger

Robotter skal sortere storskraldet

Verdens største litium-ion batteri taget i brug

Hele verden som arbejdsplads



November 2017

Markant vækst på Esbjerg-Fanø-ruten

Flere tager genvejen Spodsbjerg-TĂĄrs

Eksportsucces i praksis

Vi skal i gang med 3D-print nu

Robotterne vil skabe vores jobs i fremtiden